LauncherOne Achieves Second Successful Mission, Lifts Seven Payloads to Orbit

On its 2nd flight of 2021, @VirginOrbit’s #LauncherOne air-launched booster has lifted 7 payloads for 3 nations to low-Earth orbit. […]

Virgin Orbit Prepares for Second LauncherOne Mission, Early Wednesday Morning

@VirginOrbit is targeting a 2hr window from 6-8 a.m. PDT Wednesday for its 7-satellite #TubularBellsPartOne mission. […]

Virgin Orbit's LauncherOne Reaches Space, Deploys Payloads for NASA, Academia

@Virgin_Orbit successfully flies #LauncherOne into orbit for the 1st time & deploys @NASA/academia CubeSats. […]

A Look Ahead at America in Space in 2019

2019 will mark the highly anticipated return of human spaceflight to U.S. shores, as NASA’s astronauts take flight atop the first commercial vehicles to and from the International Space Station. Pictured here are the first astronauts who will fly the first Boeing CST-100 Starliner spacecraft later this year, posing with their spacecraft as […]