Falcon 9 Aborts Static Test Fire

According to SpaceFlight Now, which was covering today’s Falcon 9 static test fire on itsMission Status Center, SpaceX aborted the Falcon 9’s static test fire. At 1:42 PM (EST), a flash of fire and smoke was just observed at the base of the Falcon 9 rocket, but the engines did not ignite. According to Spaceflight Now, “Spectators report they heard a loud bang at the time of ignition, but no other prolonged sounds of the engine burning. Visual indications at ignition included a flash of orange light, a cloud of steam and black smoke, and a brief fire at the base of the rocket, which appeared consistent with behavior after an engine cutoff.” By 1:57 PM, SpaceX was trying to recycle for another test. But four hours later, SpaceX had released no statements or comments about today’s events.

(Via Spaceflight Now.)

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