Don’t Give-up Low Earth Orbit Capabilities

RepToddAkin.pngRepresentative Todd Akin, a non-space state Congressman, has declared his support of Project Constellation, as reported by Texas Insider in Don’t Cede to Russians Low Earth Orbit Capabilities.

Defying the cliche that only space-state members of Congress care about space, we now can add Missouri’s Rep. Todd Akin to the list of non-space state Congressional Representatives who support Project Constellation, joining Oregon’s David Wu, among others.

“America’s accomplishments in space exploration have long been a source of pride and inspiration.  It is an endeavor that has spanned every administration since President Eisenhower’s. As a result of the necessity of building new technology as well as maintaining our nations leading role in exploration and launch capability, NASA’s manned flight mission has traditionally received broad bipartisan support.”

We could not have said it better ourselves.

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