Spudis Touts Regolith As “Other” Lunar Material

Paul Spudis in an post on his Air & Space Magazine (1/5) “Once and Future Moon” blog wrote that along with water, “aggregate materials” like the moon’s regolith will be an important local resource especially for constructing infrastructure. Spudis compared the lunar aggregate with those on Earth. “The ground up regolith is a readily available building material for construction on the lunar surface. It is an aggregate in the same sense as on Earth, but with some significant differences. .. We must adapt and modify terrestrial practice to take advantage of the unique nature of lunar materials.” Spudis felt its use would come as a “gradual and incremental” process over time as people learn how to live on the moon. “Water remains the most important first lunar product, but the ‘other’ lunar material regolith is almost as important. Lunar rock and soil will be the paving stones of the Solar System.”

AmericaSpace Note: Again from the AIAA’s Daily Launch.

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