Liberty Space Giving Away T-Shirts on Facebook

Image Credit: Liberty Space

Liberty Space the commercial space company that is one of few that offers a launch vehicle, spacecraft, launch abort system and a unique cargo capability all under one roof wants you to “fly the colors!” To do so, they’re giving away Liberty Launch Support T-Shirts on the group’s Facebook page to 10 lucky fans a day.

Liberty is a complete commercial crew transportation system including the composite spacecraft, launch vehicle ground operations, crew training, mission operation and flight crew. The first stage is comprised of a highly-modified space shuttle solid rocket booster (SRB) and its upper stage is the core stage of an Ariane 5 rocket. This means that the Liberty booster will be human-rated from the start, saving time and saving money.

Image Credit: Liberty Space

With much of the infrastructure at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center already set to launch the very similar Ares-1 rocket, which was cancelled in 2010, Liberty Space can offer further savings to customers – and Liberty has even more to offer than that with crew-only, cargo-only and satellite delivering variants all potentially in the offing. Needless to say, the team at Liberty Space is looking to promote both their product and how excited they are about it.

“We have received a lot of support for the Liberty program across the globe” said Liberty Space’s program manager and five-time shuttle astronaut Kent Rominger. “Every time we wear our Liberty shirts, people ask us how they can purchase one – we decided to provide our supporters the opportunity to win one!”

To enter the contest, click here:

This has been a busy year for Liberty Space, the company has signed an unfunded Space Act Agreement with NASA, announced the addition of a spacecraft and most recently announced a unique cargo capability for the Liberty Spacecraft (seen here). Image Credit: Liberty Space


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