New Parody Video About Curiosity’s Martian Discovery


Video courtesy of Cinesaurus

A few months ago AmericaSpace detailed a parody video of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It” which stated, “We’re NASA and We Know It”—this garnered a lot of attention. The success of this first video has inspired the team who produced the LMFAO parody with a take on Melbourne Metro’s “Dumb Ways to Die,” entitled “Cool Things to Find.”  With an announcement supposedly pending, regarding a major scientific announcement from the operators of the Curiosity rover, the timing of this video could be beneficial (efforts have been made to downplay this announcement, which was supposed to take place during the first week of December).

It took the Seattle-based creative agency Cinesaurus about six days to produce the video. This was no big deal, as the firm believes in the NASA mission and wanted to express this in an innovative way.

“We wanted to continue to show our support for Curiosity and the work that NASA is doing, as well as demonstrating our team’s ability to execute high-quality projects on a short turn around,” said David Hudson, Cinesaurus’ principal business director.

This is an opinion-based piece meant to highlight a parody video. Take it as such.

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