Retro Space Images: Astronaut Stuart Roosa

Photo Credit: NASA / Retro Space Images
Photo Credit: NASA / Retro Space Images

Born on this Date in 1933: Remembering Apollo astronaut Stu Roosa. Stu was a member of NASA’s fifth group of astronauts chosen in 1966. He went on to serve as Command Module pilot aboard the Apollo 14 lunar landing mission in 1971. Photo shows Roosa being suited up for the Apollo 14 launch on January 31, 1971, at the Kennedy Space Center. Roosa passed away in 1994.

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  1. I found this website in search of that same question… If Stu Roosa died in 1994, then who is the man we’re led to believe is Stu Roosa in the insurance commercial in 2013?

  2. The man holding Roosa’s pic I am fairly sure is his son Col. Chris Roosa USMC. He looks like his father, red hair and all. Plus Stu Roosa received posthumously NASA Ambassador of Exploration award in 2006.

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