On International Women’s Day, America Reflects and Looks to the Future

Christina Koch (right), newly returned from the longest single space mission ever undertaken by a woman, is also pictured with Expedition 61 crewmate Jessica Meir. Last October, the duo performed the world’s first all-female EVA. Photo Credit: NASA

As America and the world observes International Women’s Day this Sunday (8 March), the AmericaSpace team […]

Shuttle Endeavour – Inside & Out


When I told folks that I would actually be going inside one of the space shuttles – they were surprised. They assumed that this was something that I had done long ago. Up until not too long ago – the shuttles were still taking wing and it was not easy to get to […]

History of Shuttle Program Video Highlights Why Shuttle “Rocked”


Video Courtesy of Suresh Atapattu

For those of us that followed or worked on the space shuttle program, the fleet of flying gliders will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We will miss seeing Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour riding pillars of flame to orbit, hearing the twin sonic booms […]

“For All Womankind”: America’s First Female Astronauts

Sally Ride, America's first woman in space, pauses to gaze through Challenger's flight deck windows on STS-7. Photo Credit: NASA.

Three decades ago, in April 1982, a 30-year-old female scientist was given the most electrifying news of her career. Sally Kristen Ride, a civilian physics PhD from Stanford University, had been chosen, six years […]

“A Job? But You’re A Girl!”: The Triumphant Career of Shannon Lucid

World record holder Lucid watches the growth of plants in a Russian greenhouse aboard Mir. This photograph was taken in September 1996, shortly after the crew of STS-79 – including Lucid's replacement, John Blaha – arrived to bring her home. Photo Credit: NASA

This week’s retirement of Shannon Lucid – one of the […]

Astronaut Shannon Lucid Retires From NASA

Shannon Lucid, whose NASA career spans some thirty years – has retired from the space agency. Photo Credit: NASA

NASA astronaut Shannon Lucid, who has been with the space agency since 1979, (Lucid was among the first group of female astronauts selected) has decided to retire after serving with more than 30 years […]