History of Shuttle Program Video Highlights Why Shuttle “Rocked”


Video Courtesy of Suresh Atapattu 

For those of us that followed or worked on the space shuttle program, the fleet of flying gliders will always hold a very special place in our hearts. We will miss seeing Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour riding pillars of flame to orbit, hearing the twin sonic booms that heralded the crews’ safe return as well as many other elements that made the program unique. A recent video compilation comprised of space shuttle still images and set to the song “Sail” by AWOL Nation – gives definition to the nostalgia, awe and pride that was the shuttle program. 

Suresh Atapattu is, hands down, one of the best photographers when it comes to shooting rockets and spacecraft. He is also a special contributor for AmericaSpace. He has an eye that singles out points in time and captures them – so that we all might benefit from it later. This collection of stills, reminds us that, yes, the shuttle era is over – but it also reminds us of all the amazing accomplishments that were done during its 30-year history – and all the incredible people in the shuttle workforce that made it happen. In short? This video compilation serves to remind us what we lost – while we are inspired by what is to come.

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