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  1. I’M NASA Astronaut
    we have a negative ground in real estate identity theft motor vehicles he also have negative and medical that we could have all zoos positive grounded down in interconnected with each other and if we could all get contact with his Anderson and Southwest gas and if you guys can get contact with NASA and let them know we have a negative ground in the state of California in the internet if you guys would like to get a motor vehicle scan to the state of California Nevada in contact Texas motor vehicles
    So we can get contact with national highway patrol and let them know what is going on in the state of California

    email address
    My motor vehicle was put on negative ground I’m at 21066 Del oro rd 92308
    If you can please check all other motor vehicles and make sure that they are not under someone’s name that they are not supposed to be on there if you guys would like to scan one of my motor vehicles #3043
    Vin# KMHCT4AEOHU220339

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