Standing Up For Constellation

This came in from an astronaut interviewee.

My dear friends and family,

I need to ask a favor and I’d never bother you under better circumstances. After Monday’s NASA Administrator’s message of the Presidential proposal of cancelling our human spaceflight program (i.e. Constellation, Ares and Orion), we need to tell our Representatives and Congressmen that we support space exploration. Our voice is the only thing that will allow that proposal to be revoked and our space program to move boldly forward. A few LM and NASA young engineers have created a form that goes straight to our Representatives and Congressmen, advocating for support of our space program. This is the link:

Go Boldly NASA

Could you please fill the form and forward it to as many folks as you feel comfortable with? We have already invested a substantial amount of money into Constellation and Orion. We are not only meeting our milestones, but have acquired incredible amounts of knowledge along the way, that make our vehicle the safest vehicle anyone can offer our astronauts right now. Finally, our space program research is the one that has enabled all those technologies that have made our lives easier and that we cannot imagine living without (Cell phones, GPS, microwaves, telemedicine, power tools, cable TV, climate satellites, etc).

Thank you for doing this! Our technological advancement and our ability to remain a super power depends highly on our extended safe presence in space.

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