Following criticism, Obama to host NASA forum on ‘next steps’…somewhere in Florida

2008 Obama Space Speech

The Hill, written for and about the U.S. Congress, with a focus on business, lobbying, political campaigns, and other events on Capitol Hill, has an article,Following criticism, Obama to host NASA forum on ‘next steps’, on President Obama’s upcoming trip to Florida to address his Administration’s space policy and its apoplectic reception by many members of Congress.

As to the specific location of the President’s Florida space forum, there is some question as to whether or not he will return to the Space Coast. We can certainly understand why the President wouldn’t want to go within shouting distance of Kennedy Space Center since his popularity there is subterranean. Unlike his last visit on August 2, 2008, there won’t be cheering crowds listening with rapt attention to his message of change…no, not with signs saying, “Obama Lied; NASA died” appearing near Kennedy Space Center’s entrance. It would be a true profile in courage for the President to return to an area he once gave hope to, as the below video shows, but that his proposed NASA budget will decimate.

(Via The Hillicon Valley.)

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