Constellation’s Successful PDR!

This says it all…

From: "Hansen Lauri N." <>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2010 13:27:22 -0800
To: ------------ <>
Cc: Hanley Jeffrey M <>, Thomas Dale <>
Subject: Congratulations on a successful PDR!

Dear Team,
I wanted to extend my thanks and congratulations to all of you for an outstanding Constellation PDR. Attached are our success criteria and the summary evaluations against them, as well as the summary page. I want to share them with you, because they are significant. The final results showed that we have a sound design, and it is overall at a PDR level of maturity. We understand our risks and have good resolution plans for any open technical issues. The board was unanimous in concurring that we are ready to proceed towards CDR. In short, the team hit a home run!

The credit for the success of PDR goes to all of you. As we all know, this has been an extremely trying time. I am incredibly proud to be part of a team that could focus and maintain such an outstanding effort, despite all the distractions. Only a few of us got the privilege (punishment?) of presenting to the board, but every single one of you was a contributor to the success – whether it was performing an analysis, resolving an issue, or pulling the story together. Thank you for your effort and dedication. It was impressive, and it showed.

I know that many of you are wondering what comes next. As you all know, we have been directed to continue implementing the fy10 operating plan. You also all know that we have challenges in fy 10 due to losing the Orion cost share, the fy10 recission, etc. Of course, there are multiple ways to attack the fy10 problem, and in order to be effective the program needs to do it in an integrated manner. Therefore, we are having a management retreat this coming week to refine our strategy for the upcoming months. More to come after that.

Again, kudos for the outstanding PDR!

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