DOD Studying Rocket Motor Sustainment

According to AviationWeek’s Amy Butler, as reported in, DOD Studying Rocket Motor Sustainment, the Pentagon is participating in an interagency integrated team convened to explore how best to sustain the rocket motor industrial base — a mandate made all the more urgent given NASA’s planned cancellation of the Constellation program, according to Brett Lambert, the Defense Dept.’s industrial policy director.

In June 2009, a report, “SRM Industrial Capabilities Report to Congress” was completed. The Obama Administration’s proposed termination of Constellation “…changes everything. That is a game changer,” according to Lambert.

We share an industrial base with NASA — on solids, liquids, range infrastructure and a workforce. So, with the cancellation of the Constellation program… we have got a lot of work to do with NASA to figure out how to maintain a minimum industrial base on liquid rocket engines and solid rocket motors. — Gary Payton, Under-secretary of the Air Force

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