Constellation Wins The Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate

As if the unending criticism for the past going near 2 months of the decision by NASA’s executive leadership and the Administration to end Project Constellation were not enough, now comes more from a new avenue, Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate. You can listen to the debate yourself over iTunes here.
According to one of our readers who gave us a heads-up on the debate, “One particular wonderful moment is at the very end when Robert Zurbin of the Mars Society demolishes Miles O’Brien’s enthusiastic support of orbital fuel depots and the VAZIMR engine, as well as the ISS.

The entire group had near almost unanimous support for the Constellation lunar exploration mission.”

We’re beginning to think that the Administration and the NASA Administrator might want to consider the olive branch being held out by Rep. Wolf today in reconsidering their space policy before it’s too late.

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