Opinion: “When Will We Go Back?” SEI, the VSE and the Hope for the Future

When will we have a clearly-defined objective to explore beyond low-Earth-orbit again? Image Credit: NASA

“Politicians,” astronaut John Young once said, “are a strange bunch of critters.” In its first half-century of life, NASA propelled humanity further than ever before: into space, to the Moon and to the farthest reaches of the […]

Ambitious Ares test flight plan proposed for HLV demonstrations

Great comic from Florida Today

One of the many pieces of legislative compromise over the President’s proposed FY 2011 NASA Budget, which seeks to kill NASA’s Project Constellation and outsource future human spaceflight, is discussed in detail over at NASA Spaceflight in Ambitious Ares test flight plan proposed for HLV demonstrations.

But even […]

The Facebook Front - Constellation the clear choice of the masses

Some proponents of the lackluster Obama NASA proposal continue to criticize the growing number of experienced engineers and scientists, former astronauts (including Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan, and Jim Lovell among many), politicians, journalists, and former administrators who speak out against the cancellation of Constellation. The rationale? These people are voices of the past who have […]

Rep. Posey’s Statement on the President’s Space Speech at KSC

AmericaSpace Note: So, you’d think that if a President dealing with space issues and policy travels down to the Space Coast to make a speech at the Kennedy Space Center, that he would at least invite the Congressmen whose districts are most affected by that speech. But. You. Would. Be. Dead. Wrong.

Congressman […]

Garver--Against Constellation Before She Was For It, Then Against It Again

NASA Deputy Lori Garver

In interesting quote in the Wall Street Journal’s Andy Pasztor’s article, Feud Over NASA Threatens America’s Edge in Space,

“One of the first things Ms. Garver said she did was to ‘look under the hood’ of the Constellation program. She didn’t like what she found. The program was years […]

NASA Needs A New Spending Plan to Placate Congress

Another great article by the Wall Street Journal’s Andy Pasztor, NASA to Devise New Spending Plan to Placate Congress. Subscription required.

Money quote: “…the hearing ended with a consensus that a revised spending package would be submitted soon.

‘I’m concerned we don’t have a road map,’ said Rep. C.A. Ruppersberger, a Maryland Democrat who generally […]

Constellation Wins The Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate

As if the unending criticism for the past going near 2 months of the decision by NASA’s executive leadership and the Administration to end Project Constellation were not enough, now comes more from a new avenue, Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate. You can listen to the debate yourself over iTunes here.


Saving Constellation A Noble Mission...and Necessary

Yesterday’s Tallahassee Democrat editorial, Our Opinion: Saving Constellation is a noble mission, is an endorsement of both Project Constellation and the efforts by Florida’s interim Senator, George LeMieux, to amend the FAA Reauthorization bill to further restrict the Administration and NASA’s every-eager-to-please-the-Administration senior management from cutting into Constellation’s progress.


LeMieux To Obama - Don't Touch Constellation

NASA chief Bolden at JSC – Julio Cortez Chronicle

The Orlando Sentinel’s Mark Mathews reports in,LeMieux moves against Obama NASA plan, of Florida Senator LeMieux’s effort to amend the FAA funding bill with language that affirms the Shelby rule, which was inserted in the FY 2010 Omnibus Spending Bill and stated,

“Human Spaceflight: […]

Bolden Attacks “Myths” of NASA’s New Plan But Sheds No Light

NASA chief Bolden at JSC – Julio Cortez Chronicle

Jeff Foust covers NASA Administrator Bolden’s presentation yesterday to the Washington Business Roundtable luncheon in, Bolden Attacks The “Myths” About NASA’s New Plan, during which the Administrator offered up a defense for NASA’s “new” plan.

And we decided to take a look at his […]