Hyperbola Examines Garver’s Presentation At Goddard

Great article pointing out the contradictions of the Administration’s proposed 2011 NASA BudgetGarver’s powerpoint presentation that will be regretted, as presented by one of the chief architects of that plan, NASA Deputy Administrator Garver.

Hyperbola starts off by asking the simple question that has been raised again and again by members of Congress, that being if Constellation was unsuccessful because it was underfunded, why will the Administration’s proposed plan be any better off when the increase of $6 billion over 5 years is much less than the $3 billion per year increase recommended by the Augustine Committee, under its Less-Constrained Budget case?

Also, the proposed Ares V will according to the Augustine Committee not be operational until the early 2020’s. But the slides that DA Garver presented show that the beyond LEO capability for the President’s plan will not occur until…the early 2020’s. A rose is a rose…

The analysis by Hyperbola goes on and does a convincing job of revealing that, euphemistically, the Emperor has no clothes.

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