NASA won’t be able to end shuttle program by September

Not the best news to hit NASA management is a report by NASA’s Office of Inspector General, as reported by The Huntsville Times’ Lee Roop in, Auditors: NASA won’t be able to end shuttle program by September.

Money quote: "Our calculations show that the chance of completing the remaining flights by the end of FY 2010 is improving,’ the report says.’Specifically, with eight flights remaining our analysis concluded that the final Shuttle flight would likely launch in June 2011. However, given that the last four Shuttle flights all launched within the schedule margins, our analysis now predicts that the last of the four remaining Shuttle flights will launch in January 2011."

One Comment

  1. where do they get eight flights from? there are four: 131, 132, 134, and 133, with 335 still being rogue.

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