Colorado Lawmakers Amp-Down On Saving Orion Spacecraft

OrionRendezvousISS.pngAccording to the Denver Post’s article, Colorado officials, lawmakers do little to save Orion space program, Colorado Governor Bill Ritter is more interested in “Green Energy” and not rocking the boat than in lobbying to save the Orion spacecraft program. And it’s not just Gov. Ritter who has been mute on the subject of ending Constellation; both Colorado Senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennet, have made statements that seem more milquetoast than passionate about the “new vision” for NASA that ends our nation’s human space flight program.

We can see why the Colorado Governor wouldn’t want to rock the Party boat when he’s about to leave office. But still…one would think in this economy that the Colorado Governor and Colorado’s Senators would at least put up a little bit of fight on behalf of Lockheed Martin and the nearly 24 other Colorado companies working under the Orion program. As the Post points out, it isn’t like these jobs have a good chance of returning to Colorado if they leave.

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