Representative Suzanne Kosmas’ Statement on President Obama’s NASA Address


AmericaSpace Note: Of the two Space Coast Representatives, only Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas was invited by President Obama to accompany him on Air Force One on his trip to Kennedy Space Center. However, the royal treatment and the President’s speech of his Plan B for NASA do not seem to have satisfied Rep. Kosmas’ concerns over the President’s proposal to cancel Project Constellation and turn the nation’s human space flight program over to commercial crew launchers…who do not at this time exist. We have to admire Rep. Kosmas sticking to her space guns.

Representative Kosmas’ Statement on President Obama’s NASA Address
April 15, 2010

(Kennedy Space Center, FL) – Today, following President Obama’s speech on NASA policy at the Kennedy Space Center’s Operations and Checkout facility, Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas (FL-24) issued the following statement:

“The changes that the President has outlined today to his NASA proposal are steps in the right direction and a sign that he is listening to my concerns, but there is still room for improvement. 

“The continuation of Orion, combined with new program offices at Kennedy Space Center, infrastructure upgrades and economic development funding, will help protect Space Coast jobs, and I am glad that the President has heard our call to preserve our highly skilled workforce.

“However, as I have said all along, without working towards a specific vehicle and without having American access to the International Space Station, we risk losing our supremacy in space.  I have introduced legislation that would maintain a robust NASA-led human spaceflight program by allowing for Shuttle extension and by establishing a next-generation NASA-led vehicle, and I will continue fighting to make sure these ideas are fully explored.

“I appreciate that the President has shown a willingness to improve his proposal and I look forward to continuing our dialogue on this important issue.  No matter what, I will keep working with my colleagues from both parties to develop a strong plan for NASA that protects Space Coast jobs and preserves America’s international leadership in space, science and technology.”

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