Lawmakers Demand Documents Behind Human Spaceflight Plan


It looks like things are heating up another big notch between Congress and NASA, and this just as talk of a compromise over human spaceflight was brewing.

As reported by Space News’ Amy Klamper, who always seems to have the latest scoop, in Lawmakers Demand Documents Behind Human Spaceflight Plan, House Science Committee Chairman Bart Gordon has given NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden until June 25th to come up with the materials, papers, slides, etc. used in germinating the Obama space plan proposal. NASA’s executive management and the White House’s Office of Science & Technology Policy now have to decide whether to get into a fight over executive privilege over this.

Since NASA has failed to provide the Committee with any detailed supporting materials with which Congress can judge the proposed human spaceflight plan, Congress must insist upon the production of all materials NASA relied upon in formulating its proposal. House Science and Technology Committee Chairman Bart Gordon

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