House NASA Reauthorization Act To Get A Vote

AmericaSpace Note: This is great news!

ABC News is reporting that, according to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, the House will not adjourn this week but will be voting next week as well. Further, and this is the big news for the human space exploration community, there will be a vote on the House floor on its 2010 NASA Reauthorization Act.

There has been a somewhat stealthy, multi-week campaign to keep HR-5781 from getting a vote by the full House. There were calls by some, including Elon Musk and Alan Stern, asking voters to write or call their Congressional representatives to oppose such a vote.

On the other side of the debate has been a push to hold the vote and let Congress speak on the issue of the American human space flight program. According to House Majority Leader Hoyer, that vote will be held before the House of Representatives recesses next week.

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