Armey-Tea Party Would Not Cut NASA

It’s Wednesday, hump-day, so time for some good news. To those worried that any gains in Congress by the Tea Party, good news for NASA supporters. In an interview on CNN’s “Parker & Spitzer”, former Congressman Dick Armey, once the House Majority Leader and now co-founder of FreedomWorks, said that NASA would be exempt from cuts “…and I’d sure as heck keep it focused on its initial mission.”

AmericaSpace Note: Sticking to goals is certainly something that the President and so many in Congress can certainly identify with. Yet these same goal-oriented leaders remain unable to propagate out that others…say NASA, may need long-term goals to be successful. As Senator Mikulski has stated on more than one occasion, if we keep changing NASA’s human space flight policy (goals) with every Administration, we’ll never get anywhere. And that is where we are headed under NASA’s current leadership from the President. But then, NASA’s leadership deficit at the Presidential level has existed since the Nixon era. Precisely the time when NASA’s ability to execute seemed to falter, all due to a lack of decisive leadership–and funding (no bucks, no Buck Rogers) from the top.

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