NASA Announces New Hypersonic Research Opportunities

WASHINGTON — NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate has amended its announcement, “Research Opportunities in Aeronautics 2010,” to solicit additional proposals. The announcement has been modified to include new topics in support of the agency’s Hypersonics Project.

With the amendment, the Hypersonics Project of the Fundamental Aeronautics Program calls for proposals about enabling technologies and development of a new pool of expertise in two primary areas of interest. These include air-breathing access to space and entry, descent and landing of high-mass vehicles in planetary atmospheres.

NASA expects educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and industry engaged in foundational research will be the announcement’s primary award recipients. Specific evaluation criteria, deadlines and points of contact are available in the announcement. NASA will employ a two-step proposal submission process for this solicitation. The due date for Step 1 submissions is Nov. 23.

For more information about this announcement and updates on additional research topics in other project areas, visit NASA’s Research Opportunities website at:

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