Indian Air Force Seeking Bids for New Attack Helicopter

Several military aviation companies in the United States have announced their plans to vie for a contract with the Indian Government for the purchase of 22 attack helicopters, according to the India Times. American companies had withdrawn in 2009, causing the Indian Government to cancel the estimated $1.4 billion contract when the only Eurocopter remained vying for it. The Indian Air Force is hoping to evaluate and select a new generation of helicopters to replace its fleet of Russian made 32 MI-24/35 attack helicopters.

American companies that plan to bid for the contract include Boeing with the AH-64D Apache Block III and Bell Helicopter with the Super AH-12 Cobra. Russia also plans to bid for the contract with the Mi-28N Havoc attack helicopter. The Eurocopter Tiger and the Augusta Westland A129 Mangusta have already been eliminated from contention for this contract, according to this website. The Indian Air Force conducted field tests for the Apache Block III in July 2010, observing the helicopter performance in the extreme weather conditions in which it may be required to operate. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified the US Congress asking for pre-approval of the possible Foreign Military Sale of these US helicopters to India. For more information, please visit:

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