Rep. Giffords Continues Making Great Progress

In what can only be called good…no, amazing news, Rep. Giffords’ doctors reported today that she is making substantial progress in her recovery.

In a press conference earlier today, Doctors Rhee and Lemole stated that in only 5 days since being shot at close range in the left-side of her head by Jared Loughner, Rep. Giffords is aware of her surroundings, able to open and track with both of her eyes, lift both arms and even lift her legs. Because she still has a respirator tube feeding her warm, moist air, she is unable to speak. According to her doctors, the next big step will be to remove that tube.

We hope that Rep. Giffords’ stunning progress continues and that she makes a full recovery. Our nation, Arizona, her district, but most of all her family, need her.

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