Rep. Giffords’ Progress Continues

Politico’s Jonathan Allen reports in ‘What would Gabby want?’ that on Monday, when breakfast was delivered to Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, she asked for toast. That she is speaking a month after being injured by a gunshot to the head is just the latest sign of her amazing progress.

We hope Gabrielle Giffords continues to heal. God speed…

AmericaSpace Note: But that’s not the only story about Gabrielle Giffords that impresses. Rep. Giffords’ Chief of Staff Pia Carusone has been making sure that, while Giffords’ is recuperating, her Tucson and Washington offices continue to function, even if being managed from spartan side rooms at Houston’s TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital. Her tools are her BlackBerry, a Mac computer and a tiny, 3-by-5-inch reporter’s notebook containing four weeks’ worth of daily to-do lists. There are not many Pia’s in this world, though there should be, and this site wishes her the best as well.

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