Kohlenberger Announces He’s Leaving Administration

Kohlenberger st
According to Spacenews, James Kohlenberger, the Chief of Staff of the Office of Space Technology, announced in an email to undisclosed recipients that he is leaving.

Mr. Kohlenberger was a leading and controversial figure, among several other members of the Obama Administration, during last year’s fight to end the national human space flight program in favor of outsourcing that role to the commercial crew launch sector. One of the problems pointed out with such a policy is that there are as yet no commercial crew launch companies. In the end, Congress turned-back the White House space initiative by over-whelming, bipartisan votes in both the House and the Senate. One of the leaders of that effort to maintain the nation’s independent human access to space was Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

While we may not have agreed on space policy with him, we none-the-less wish Mr. Kohlenberger the very best in his new endeavors.

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