Thunder Roars to Shore: The 2011 Cocoa Beach Air Show

Vapor trailing from its wings, an F-18 Super Hornet conducts a sharp turn at the 2011 Cocoa Beach Air Show. Photo Credit: Mike Killian

COCOA BEACH, Fla – You can spend a lot of time espousing about how amazing something is or you can just show that person what you mean. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words. The pictures that AmericaSpace’s Mike Killian takes are worth far more than that and sadly words don’t come to one that sees his work – because they are often rendered speechless. 

Killian attended to 2011 Cocoa Beach Air Show, pointed his Canon Rebel XSI to the skies and went to work. Killian has a knack for knowing just when to take the shot and we think you’ll agree that seeing these aircraft through his eyes – is an amazing experience. 

A Airborne parachutist dives into the Cocoa Beach Air Show held from Nov. 5-6 near Lori Wilson Park in Florida. Photo Credit: Mike Killian

AmericaSpace shares the sights of the Cocoa Beach Air Show, through the eyes of its new writer and photographer, Mike Killian.

Children wave and play in the surf as an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter passes by show center. Photo Credit: Mike Killian

Killian had been wanting to obtain one shot in particular, that of his co-worker Alan Walters hanging out the back of a HC-130P/N operated by the 920th Rescue Wing at Patrick Air Force Base. Killian got the shot he was hoping for (see below).

If one looks to the far right of the ramp of the HC-130P/N in this image one can see AmericaSpace’s Senior Photographer Alan Walters (light pants). Photo Credit: Mike Killian

The plane that everyone was hoping to get a peek at during this year’s Cocoa Beach Air Show was the B-1 bomber. It thundered across the wave tops and out of sight – but not before being captured by AmericaSpace’s cameras.

The engines of the B-1 bomber glow as the jet bomber thunders out of sight. Photo Credit: Mike KillianThe Geico Skytypers carve their words across the skies of Florida. These images show, in crystal-clarity, the incredible aerobatics that have become the norm at the annual air show. Photo Credit: Mike Killian


An F-16 Fighting Falcon turns and burns to the thrill of the crowds gathered below. Photo Credit: Mike Killian



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