“Eyes on the Solar System” Tracks Curiosity in Real Time

Image Credit: NASA

A NASA website is working to allow the public to explore the solar system – as they never have been able to before. “Eyes on the Solar System” is a virtual tour of our cosmic neighborhood that has been developed using actual data from NASA’s planetary missions. Guests can explore with such famous names as Pioneer, Voyager, Galileo, Cassini – and Curiosity. As the rover prepares for its historic landing, NASA has included a feature that allows viewers to track the MSL rover in real-time.

The website’s motion graphics details where MSL is at that moment. It also projects the rover’s future moments so guests can see what Curiosity will be doing in the future. If they prefer to look at the rover from a different angle – they have that option (the rover can be viewed from almost any angle that they desire).  Viewers can travel with Curiosity all the way to Gale crater or watch live.

This interactive program allows viewers to tour the solar system from their computer, soaring over the plains of Mars, traveling through the asteroids and above the rings of Saturn. It’s up to you. You control space and time.

AmericaSpace and The Mars Society have partnered to provide in-depth coverage of the arrival of the Mars Science Laboratory rover “Curiosity” to Mars. Stay tuned for regular updates as AmericaSpace correspondents Craig Covault and Frank O’Brien travel to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California for live coverage.


  1. I am beginning a new curiosity
    For JPL and Team NASA
    As my father Floyd J Shirley
    Worked for JPL in the 50″s
    And NASA was not a home name
    At that time. He designed many
    Projects including satellites
    Aerospace Engineer is his title
    And in the 1950″s there were
    Very few
    He was fluent in German
    Russian English Nordic and
    Played the Violin prominently
    His team was also the
    Werner Von Bron Team
    I hope to se history of Curiosity
    And the Mars expedition
    In this gleeful moments striding
    America’s Pioneers into the
    Galactic and Intergalactic Conquests
    A American country so known
    For while bringing knowledge
    To the children and better understandings
    Of nature . As told by scientists that
    Were at our home In West Covina
    And those from Goddard Space Center,
    On young shoulders the boldest
    And bravest arrive to have keys to
    Living organisms, understanding of
    Human and Spiritual life we remain
    To develop and bring the quest
    Of Opportunity to cherish life
    Are grandeur of eloquence
    Great or Small, life in its
    Blissful forms galaxial tantrums
    Or cosmos ulna, all forms of
    Star life may we all understand life
    From other galaxy’s be in natured
    Or spirit, vibrational in part,
    Echoes in parts , sonics in part, rhythms
    To every seed, look all men and women
    A further some quest for all
    To know that man is from his
    Chartered star system with
    Skill Witt n strength he nettles afar.

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