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The following is a re-post that has sadly become necessary as a few trolls have decided it is okay to post libelous comments, call people who disagree with them “stupid” and “idiotic” and in one nauseating case even went so far as to disrespect the dead.

As viewership on AmericaSpace grows – we wanted to reach out to everyone and reaffirm that while AmericaSpace is for a nation that explores – we have some rules that need to be obeyed while we do that exploring. These deal with comments posted on articles and other features. Given that we’re entering an election cycle – it’s probably as good a time as any to lay out some basic guidelines as to what not to post:

  • No expletives. This is a forum for both sides to discuss their beliefs and to highlight the similarities and differences between both sides of the space debate.
  • Don’t call names or shout (all caps). Cussing, shouting and calling people names do not prove you are right – instead, it proves that you have no argument.
  • When someone counters your argument with facts – don’t resort to ad hominem attacks. Since when does calling someone stupid, an idiot or some other name prove any point?
  • Don’t expect others to interpret things the way you do – respect the opinion of others. Holier-than-thou, elitist attitudes are not welcome at an open discussion.
  • Use your actual name. What does it say about your argument when you don’t have the courage to use your real name? Be proud of your beliefs – own them!

Space flight is about the best of humanity reaching out to the stars. Let us acknowledge this by how we communicate with one another. Show us the best in you, provide those that differ with you with examples of why you feel your point of view is correct. When you resort to the bad examples above – you only highlight the opposite.

Sincerely, Jason Rhian – Editor, AmericaSpace


  1. RM McCarthy,

    Mr. Oler loses any point he makes when he has to result to name calling and disgusting behavior. If you have to resort to troll tactics to make a point? – Your point isn’t worth listening to. BTW – if you’ll note there are other people who disagreed with Jim, Joe and other folks’ point of view – their comments are still there – this is because they’re capable of having a rational, mature debate and didn’t resort to name-calling and insulting the dead – which means your comment is factually inaccurate – we didn’t remove Oler because he disagreed with anyone – we removed him because he is incapable of behaving like an adult. I hope you’re not defending this type of behavior.

    Sincerely, Jason Rhian

  2. Ok, first, I just love it when someone using an email account with the header,

    Author : RM McCarthy (IP: ,
    E-mail :
    URL    :
    Whois  :

    decides to write us. It’s one thing to need anonymity when you’re spilling secrets, quite another when your spreading misinformation.

    Just to review, Oler had been warned…like, 3 times to clean it up. We want this to be a place where you can present your case without it turning into ad hominem attacks. So when RGO started his dismissive nonsense against the First Man, that was the last straw.

    Let me be crystal clear here. If you think Armstrong’s policy or technical justification for opposing Obama’s 2010 proposal to end our national HSF program was misguided, provide a policy or technical rebuttal. But don’t imagine for a second that you, Oler, or any of us here can hold a candle to what Armstrong did in each of aviation, simulators, test flight, engineering, or space. The Apollo astronauts I’ve met will to a person tell you that the one astronaut everyone respected was Armstrong. So when someone in the cheap seats, and that’s us, takes a crack at someone like Armstrong, they can go straight to…well, they will need to move on to another forum to spread their delusional, nonsensical condescension. Neither I nor Jason, not anyone here is going to stand pat for that silliness.

  3. Just a comment (I have nothing to gain by “sucking up” to the authors on this website).
    I really appreciate your efforts to keep this site a place where rational people can come and freely discuss space with differing opinions. It appears that many New (and old) Space supporters do not realize that the best debates are won with well researched, well, thought out and well written points. When we attack others with personal insults and resort to silly name calling, we just sound ridiculous and our credibility goes out the window. If this is the kind of rhetoric you enjoy, go to CNN’s comment section and have a ball!

    • Borecrawler
      September 4, 2012 at 11:55 am

      “If this is the kind of rhetoric you enjoy, go to CNN’s comment section and have a ball!”

      Agreed with the extension that this kind of thing is (unfortunately) rampant all over the internet.

      Thanks to Jim and Jason for attempting to not let it happen here. I know it is an uphill battle, but be assured you have supporters.

  4. I wasn’t involved in the discussion that is mentioned in this article, but I come many times a week to AmericaSpace, because it’s one of the most serious sites when it comes to space exploration (I have it up there with Universe Today). I really love that Jason and AmericaSpace chooses to protect the comments section and respect its serious readers. And I love the fact that anyone who isn’t respecting that is getting kicked out! 🙂

    I am more than appalled and desmayed with the comments on most of the internet’s news stories when it comes to space, and particularly this week, when it came to Neil Armstrong. I was exposed to so much stupidity, utter ignorance and disrespect while reading commenters on Neil’s death, that I haven’t recovered yet. When paranoia seems to get the upper hand and suddenly logic and reason seem to be in defense, then there’s something terribly wrong!!

    I’m not an American, yet I value space and space exploration. And I happen to agree with most of Jason’s articles critisizing the US space policy. It seems to me that most American people just can’t realise that space isn’t about politics, it’s about life and the future, and that New Space could (and should!) work with Old Space together if we want anything to be achieved eventually. Yet, 90% of the time, what I find on the net, is people arguing about who is better, Republicans or Democrats.

  5. Thank you so very much Jim, Jason, Joe, Borecrawler, and Leonidas for stating what I believe far more persuasively and articulately than I could ever hope to. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy the highly educational and informative articles posted on AmericaSpace, but the well-reasoned, logical, dispassionate discussion and debate is extremely valuable as the impurity of emotion-laden falsehood is seared away in the forge of rational discourse leaving behind the truth – like it or not. This is, after all, “rocket science” and it is a great source of enjoyment to read intelligent, analytic arguments sans ad hominum attacks. Where else can one learn so much without paying tuition? Jim, Jason, Ben, et al., please keep up the GREAT work! Your efforts are most sincerely appreciated, and more important than perhaps even you realize.

    • Karol, you make a very important point that I didn’t have in mind, and one that’s so easily overlooked and taken as ‘granted’.

      The very thing that we get the chance to be informed through this site with such a high quality and not pay a single penny for it. And the folks that run the site and are doing a terrific job without asking for anything back. Respect.

      And I’ve also read and enjoyed your comments in the past and other readers’s here also, and I’m happy I’ve found a source of such intelligent and though-provoking people.


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