Deal Inked by SpaceX and Spacecom to Launch AMOS-6 Satellite

Photo Credit: Alan Walters /
Photo Credit: Alan Walters /

Space Exploration Technologies may have only launched four of the Hawthorne-Calif., based company’s Falcon 9 rockets, but that hasn’t stopped customers in search of an affordable launch vehicle from tapping the company’s latest offering to send their payloads to orbit. The latest of these companies is Space Communications Ltd., a firm based out of Israel.

SpaceX will use its Falcon 9 to power Spacecom’s AMOS-6 communications satellite into geosynchronous (GEO) transfer orbit. SpaceX signed 14 contracts in 2012, assuring their position as the fastest-growing company providing in the launch industry.

“We are excited to partner with SpaceX and its tremendous team. AMOS-6 will be larger and stronger than AMOS-2 and AMOS-3 combined, and signals a new age for Spacecom,” said David Pollack, President and CEO of Spacecom. “As we establish our position as a global satellite operator providing more services and capacity, AMOS-6 will be a key element of our business strategy and future.”

If all goes according to plan, SpaceX will launch AMOS-6 in 2015 from the company’s launch site, Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40), located at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

“This last year has been one of great success and tremendous growth,” said Gwynne Shotwell, President of SpaceX. “Spacecom was one of our earliest supporters. SpaceX is proud to be their partner and we look forward to launching their AMOS-6 satellite.”



  1. Yes great for the team but could you (being)SpaceX please start launching payloads in line with what you say you’re going to do. It’s time to move the F9 to an operational launch vehicle. Guess the customers must be ok with it but some must be getting a bit unsettled. But then again, I’m not in the space business.

  2. Neil – that’s right. Their launch manifest has 16 flights in 2015, not including this or the first manned Dragon flight they have pencilled in for end-2015. That’s a heck of a ramp-up. Guess ‘ambitious’ and ‘aggressive’ are the words.

  3. Neil & Simon,
    Given the fact that the company has only launched four rockets since 2010 (a rate of one launch a year) there is another word that describes this: Unrealistic.
    Rather than get into a debate about the company’s merits, one need only look at: 1). The amount of launches any given range can support. 2). The launch history of any given company.
    Sincerely, Jason Rhian, Editor, AmericaSpace

  4. Jason.
    Well we can hope anyway. SpaceX are developing new facilities and continuing to ramp up employment. Previously they have demonstrated that they can organise facilities quite quickly but it all seems a fair stretch anyway. Looking forward with interest to this year. A poll on NSF shows majority of voters believe 4 flights in 2013. Not enough one would think 🙁

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