NASA’s Human Space Flight Program Kicks Into Overdrive


Video courtesy of AmericaSpace with NASA-provided segments.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla — Two days prior to the liftoff of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket carrying cargo to the International Space Station, NASA held a briefing at the agency’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida detailing the progress it has made in the agency’s efforts to send astronauts beyond the Earth’s orbit.

NASA’s Associate Administrator for Exploration Systems Development Dan Dumbacher, Orion Program Manager Mark Geyer, Space Launch System Program Manager Todd May, and Kennedy Space Center’s Ground Systems Development and Operations Program Manager Pepper Phillips spoke to members of the media concerning the space agency’s current status in terms of getting astronauts back to the business of exploration.

Other topics included sequestration, efforts to refurbish Kennedy Space Center to convert it to a streamlined, more efficient space port for the 21st century, and how far along NASA has progressed toward sending the first Orion spacecraft into orbit next year.

NASA has been ordered to cede responsibility of providing access to cargo and crew to commercial firms such as SpaceX. On Friday, the company successfully conducted the second of 12 planned resupply flights to the orbiting laboratory.

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