NASA's Iconic Kennedy Press Site Countdown Clock Retires in Wake of New Era

One of the most-watched and historic timepieces in the world ticked its last tock this week. The Press Site Countdown Clock at Kennedy Space Center is now retired, a victim of decades of abuse from the Florida elements. The world looked to the clock for America’s push for the moon during Apollo, 135 […]

Photo Feature: ULA Atlas V with SBIRS GEO-2

Photo Credit: Jason Rhian / AmericaSpace

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla — AmericaSpace’s team of photographers worked tirelessly to produce stunning images from the recent launch of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket carrying the second of the United States military’s Space Based Infrared System Geosynchronous (SBIRS GEO-2) spacecraft. With remote camera (stay tuned […]

Atlantis Rises

Atlantis is safely in her new building and tilted at an angle of 43.21 degrees.Photo Credit: Blue Sawtooth Studio / Julian Leek

Atlantis, resembling some bizarre mummy, rests shrink wrapped with 16,000 square feet of a white plastic coating—to protect her from dust and dirt as work went on inside the unfinished structure, […]

Atlantis Photo Feature Part Three: Julian Leek

Photo Credit: Julian Leek / Blue Sawtooth Studio

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – One of the things that AmericaSpace is most proud of is its relationships with its partner organizations. One of these groups is Blue Sawtooth Studio, based out of Malabar, Florida and operated by Lloyd Behrendt. Julian Leek is a photographer with […]

Boeing Rep Remembers Shuttle, Builds Future

AmericaSpace sat down with Boeing’s Brooke Padden about her thoughts as she moves from the shuttle program – to building Boeing’s Crew Space Transportation or CST-100 spacecraft. Photo Credit (shuttle): Lloyd Behrendt – Image Credit (CST-100): Boeing

Boeing is one of the pillars of the United States’ aerospace industry and for the three […]

Safety First

For safety, as a storm front moves into the Cape area Endeavour and the 747 aircraft have been moved back into the MDD. Photo Credit: Blue Sawtooth Studio / Julian Leek

With the anticipation of high winds, lightning and thunderstorms moving into the Kennedy Space Center from the Gulf of Mexico, Endeavour on […]

NASA Delays Shuttle Move Again

Endeavour to spend another night on the Space Coast.Photo Credit Blue Sawtooth Studios / Julian Leek

NASA managers have postponed the ferry flight of space shuttle Endeavour to Wednesday, Sept. 19. The decision was made to ensure a safe flight for Endeavour and the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. A low pressure front in the […]

PHOTO FEATURE: Endeavour Ready For Historic Final Flight Next Monday

Endeavour, raised roughly 60-feet in the air, ready to be mated to NASA's 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Friday afternoon. Photo Credit: Mike Killian / Zero-G News and AmericaSpace

Endeavour, raised roughly 60-feet in the air, ready to be mated to NASA’s 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft Friday afternoon. Photo Credit: Mike Killian / Zero-G News and AmericaSpace

NASA’s youngest space shuttle orbiter, Endeavour, was rolled out one last time from Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building early Friday morning, beginning the orbiter’s […]

Endeavour Shows a Little ‘Bling’ Before Heading West

Left Main Landing gear on Endeavour sporting a spinner. Photo Credit: Julian Leek / Blue Sawtooth Studios

When one wants to make an impression through their vehicle, adding new rims to the car, called ‘spinners’ to make sure that the proper impression is given. In the case of Endeavour, the men and women […]

‘Blue Moon’ Honours Neil Armstrong, First Son of Earth

Former astronaut Bob Cabana, head of the Kennedy Space Center, remembers Neil Armstrong in Friday’s ceremony in Florida. Photo Credit: Julian Leek/Blue Sawtooth Studios

Traditionally, blue Moons have been regarded as either an impossibility or a rarity. In the 16th century, the Bishop of Chichester, William Barlow, wrote sarcastically that If they saye […]