Student Rocket Teams Take Up NASA Launch Challenge

The North Carolina State Wolfpack Team works on their rocket. Photo Credit: ATKOutreach

Over 500 engineering, math, and science students from middle schools, high schools, and colleges from 29 states are participating in NASA’s 2012 Student Launch Projects Flight Challenge – an annual competition challenging their problem-solving skills and giving them real-world experience […]

Space Launch System Announced

Today NASA, along with Senators Kay Bailey Hutchison and Bill Nelson, announced the Space Launch System architecture. After studying and analyzing the Space Launch System architecture for 338 days, NASA today unveiled the final SLS design. Originally due January 1st by Section 309 of the 2010 NASA Authorization Act, this announcement puts the U.S. […]

J-2X Mainstage Test

This video of the J-2X main stage test on the Stennis A-2 Test Stand comes compliments SpaceFan.


Craig Covault Joins AmericaSpace as National Security Correspondent

Craig Covault, an aerospace journalist with 40 years of experience covering space issues has joined the AmericaSpace team. Photo Courtesy of Craig Covault

AUSTIN, Texas – Veteran aerospace journalist Craig Covault has joined AmericaSpace, an online space news outlet that covers a wide range of the U.S. space program. Covault will serve primarily […]

Senators Warn White House On SLS Funding Misuse

As reported by Lee Roop of the Huntsville Times, Senators Shelby, Cochran, Sessions, Vitter, and Wicker, sent a strongly worded letter to the White House concerning misallocation of SLS funding by NASA. A copy of the Senators’ letter is featured in the article and follows below, complements of The Huntsville Times and Scribd.

It’s […]

Senate Threatens to Subpoena NASA For Documents

Well, this is getting interesting. In a May 18th letter signed by the leaders of NASA’s Senate Authorization Committee and Subcommittee, the Senators requested not only twice monthly briefings on the Space Launch System and the Orion MPCV, but they also requested a long and detailed list of documents. On June 7th, NASA told […]

SLS Announcement Likely Coming Soon

Several articles have appeared over the last day covering the possibly imminent announcement of the final (finally!) configuration of the Space Launch System (SLS), which NASA has been studying since October 2010.

NASA Spaceflight is carrying an article about the SLS being a Shuttle derived vehicle. Managers Preparing For July 8 SLS Announcement After […]

First J-2X Hot-Fire Test Could Start Next Week

If NASA’s former Constellation Program suffered one deficit, it wasn’t technical but it was one of information–few got to see tangible evidence of progress for the $9 billion spent over 5 years. Recently, those elements surviving Constellation have had a coming out party of sorts. First was the Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV, or Orion). […]

Obama To End NASA Spacecraft And Rocket By End 2012

The President’s FY12 NASA Budget funding for the Multi Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV), sometimes referred by its old name, Orion, and the Space Launch System heavy-lift rocket (SLS) could easily give someone the impression that he’s ready to support human space exploration beyond low earth orbit, where we’ve been stuck since 1972. Well, that […]

Is NASA Trying To Slow-Roll SLS?

If you read the second paragraph of the Orlando Sentinel’s Mark Mathew’s article, NASA space shuttle replacement: NASA offers $10 billion rocket plan using recycled shuttle parts, one might think that NASA is looking at developing two launchers when Congress legislated and appropriated only one. Why, in a time of tight budgets, would NASA […]