Congress Approves 2011 Budget

AmericaSpace Note: CNN is reporting that the Senate passed HR 1473, the budget for the rest of the fiscal year 2011. The budget now awaits the President’s signature.

According to the Washington Post, the House has passed the budget for the remainder of 2011. Included in that legislation is NASA’s funding for the remainder of this year. Next stop is the Senate, which is expected to quickly approve the legislation for a signing by the President on Friday.

House FY 2011 NASA Appropriations

Exploration $3.8083B
MPCV $1.2000B
SLS $1.8000B
Cmrcl Cargo $?
Cmrcl Crew $?
Total expl $3.0000B
Remaining $0.8083B
Space Operations $5.5085B
Science Activities $4.9453B
Aeronautics $0.5350B
Education $0.1458B
Cross Agency Support $3.1114B
Constr, Enviro. Cmplc & Rmdnt $0.3943B
Total appropriations $18.054B
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NASA Administrator Thanks Congress For Passing Budget

NASA’s 2011 Budget-Authorized vs. Appropriated