On @ The 90: Our Vanguard Moment

Photo Credit: NASA

The Space Race, one of many fronts of the Cold War, began in earnest on July 29, 1955, when President Eisenhower publicly announced Project Vanguard, the first genuine effort to launch a man-made vehicle into orbit as an instrumented scientific experiment for the International Geophysical Year. Bypassing Werner Von Braun’s […]

On @ The 90: How Mission to Capture Asteroid Could Change NASA

Could a new initiative proposed in the FY 2014 Budget Proposal make space exploration a highly profitable endeavor? Image Credit: NASA

In April 2010, President Obama announced a plan that, at the time, received a rather tepid response. This was the president’s announcement that NASA would conduct a mission to an asteroid. The […]

On @ The 90: NewSpace Fans Need to Stop Hating

Whenever a post that does not paint the NewSpace movement in glowing terms is posted, NewSpace fans issue a bitter and unending series of rants filled with cherry-picked “facts” and insults. Why is this? Photo Credit: Jason Rhian / AmericaSpace

Where did NewSpace come from? The philosophy, the people … where did they […]

On @ The 90: The Future

On @ The 90 is AmericaSpace’s editorial feature and is therefore based on opinion. Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

Predictions are dangerous things. Dick Morris, a political commentator, found this out the hard way recently. He predicted that Mitt Romney would win the U.S. presidential election in a landslide. Yeah, so much for that. […]

On @ The 90: AmericaSpace's Presidential Endorsement

So, which of the presidential candidates does this space supporter back? The answer might suprise you… Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

Another election year, time for the “unbiased” media to give their endorsement to one candidate or another. After listening to both Presidential candidates’ comments and actions regarding space exploration, here is my “fair […]

On @ The 90: As “Soyuz Epoch” Becomes “Epic Fail” – NASA Needs Own Spacecraft

Given that the end of the space shuttle program was announced in 2004, it is well past the time when NASA should be flying astronauts on its own spacecraft. The fault, however, is not with NASA – but with the government. Image Credit: Jason Rhian

The “Soyuz Epoch” continues to go badly. Shortly […]

On @ The 90: “Been There” – Should Not Be the Driving Focus of Space Exploration

Space exploration should not be viewed as a sight-seeing trip, but rather as a permanent destination – vital to humanity's future. Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

Philosophy can make your life a walk in the park – or it can make it a tragedy. A line of thought that has shockingly been displayed by […]

On @ The 90: Constellation Reborn?

Although repackaged, most elements of the Constellation Program are still in place in one form or another. Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

The Constellation Program is cancelled – isn’t it? A look at many of the arrangements, agreements and announcements that NASA has made recently seem to suggest otherwise. A review of the key […]

On @ The 90: The Problem With NASA – Actually the Problem With Us

The United States is not the same country it was when it launched men to the Moon – or even when the space shuttle program was first approved. Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

NASA has been on a slow descent downward since the end of the Apollo Program. What has caused this to happen? […]

On @ The 90 – Change the Paradigm

It should be apparent to all that reliance on Russia is no longer an option. Image Credit: Jason Rhian

For some time now Russia has been touted as our “partner” in space flight matters – the simple fact is that anyone honest with themselves will say that Russia, at best, considers the U.S. […]