Obama’s NASA Plans–a non-starter

The Examiner article, “Obama’s NASA Plans–A non-starter” is the best reporting I’ve read summarizing the commercial companies that want to take over our nation’s human role in ensuring America has access to space, to the space station and beyond. It also brings into sharp focus the…well, recklessness of the Obama Administration’s move against our country’s human space flight program.

A review of these ‘NewSpace’ companies show a slew of starry-eyed dreamers either too naïve or untruthful with themselves to admit they are as Congressman Shelby called them.

It is a bitter comedy that a recent article posted on Space.com quotes these quacks as saying that we will be seeing space tourism by 2020 – no that is not a typo – these folks believe, having launched next to nothing and being more successful at failing than at firing off rockets that we will all blast off on their rockets within 10 years!

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