Senator Cornyn Says No To NASA Course Change

Senator John Cornyn

Texas Republican Senator Cornyn, never what anyone would call a starry-eyed, space-nut, but in an op-ed piece in the Houston Chronicle, “Impact of a scale-back goes far beyond Houston“, he not only comes out against the Administrations new, and seemingly confused, plans for NASA’s human space flight program but makes the case for Conservatives why NASA should do the heavy-lifting for human space flight and its value to taxpayers.

…the local economic impact in Houston would be nothing compared to the strategic opportunity cost for the United States.

Innovations that will help humans survive and thrive in space will likely create as many spinoff technologies in the 21st century as we saw in the first decades of the Space Age. If we do not incubate these life-supporting technologies here in America, our children will have no choice but to import them from other nations.

Our fight for the Constellation program must be consistent with keeping taxes low, cutting the deficit and dialing back the unsustainable overall growth in federal spending.

So we must make the case that NASA’s human spaceflight program remains a sound investment for the taxpayer. We must convince our fellow Americans that human spaceflight represents our nation’s future, not merely its past. And we must show how lifting astronauts into space continues to make sense on the ground.

But if NASA’s history tells us anything, it’s that we can overcome any obstacles, and that the best days of our human spaceflight program always lie ahead.

Good for Senator Cornyn!

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