NSS Says No To NASA Course Change

You know you have gone on the wrong path when even you friends can’t say yes, or even just hold their counsel, when you do something less than brilliant. In what anyone with a sense of irony would definitely call ironic…or, hilarious, the National Space Society, the space advocacy group that NASA Deputy Administrator Garver and NASA Chief of Staff George Whitesides once ran, is reported today by the Orlando Sentinel as coming-out in opposition to the Administration’s change in direction for NASA’s human space flight program.

The National Space Society (NSS) commends NASA and the Executive Branch for proposing to increase spending for science, technology, and sustainable economic development in space; however, we believe the President’s 2011 budget request would leave the job only partly done. NSS calls for the President and Congress to restore funding for human spaceflight beyond low-Earth orbit.

AmericaSpace Take: This less than enthusiastic support, really more like mild condemnation, cannot be welcome on NASA’s 9th floor by its former leaders.

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