Russia’s Hiring While NASA’s Firing?

Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia had an interesting press release on Friday about a Russian Space Agency advertising insert in Thursday, March 25, 2010 Washinton Post that stated in part,

“NASA has long spent more money on more programs than Russia’s space agency. But President Barack Obama has slashed NASA’s dreams of going to the moon again…At the same time, the Russian space industry is feeling the warm glow of state backing once again. There has been concerted investment in recent years, an investment that fits in well with the Putin doctrine of trying to restore Russian pride through capacity.”

Nice! Maybe the Administration might want to take a hint and invest in American pride through capacity? It’s even more interesting that the Russian’s have figured out what some in our space advocacy community cannot, that the plans to “transform” NASA, as the NASA Administrator and his deputy repeat ad nauseaum, are are the abdication of U.S. leadership in human space flight–nothing more.

“Manned spaceflight and exploration is on of the last remaining fields in which the U.S. maintains an undeniable competitive advantage over other nations. I believe we woud be short-changing Americas’s future if we walk away from the bold challenge of President Kennedy, who envisioned our nation as the world’s leader in space.” — Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA10)

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