High Culture And Spaceflight

As always, Wayne Hale delivers an interesting and thought-provoking post on his NASA blog, High Culture And Spaceflight in which he ruminates on the hopes and dreams he had when he started working at NASA 30 years ago. But it was his closing that really grabbed our attention,

Lots of folks believe that they can invent/develop/complete new ways to ‘smite the furrows’ of space.  It may be harder than they expect.  On the other hand, maybe there are new tricks that old dogs haven’t yet learned that will revolutionize space travel.  Certainly we need that.

Since I started with a ‘high brow’ literary reference, I’ll leave you with another to ponder.  Be sure to read the words carefully to catch the full meaning.

Henry IV Part I Act 3 Scene 1 line 53, by William Shakespeare:

Glendower:  I can call spirits from the vasty deep
Hotspur:  Why, so can I, or so can any man;
But will they come when you do call for them?

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