Rep. Posey Writes White House About Space Coast Trip

When the White House announced its re-alignment of NASA and America’s human spaceflight program, it created a political and policy firestorm of epic proportions. And that was just nationally. What the White House’s termination of Constellation created in Florida was something that would make the hurricanes that occasionally hit Florida look like a thunderstorm.

In an effort at damage control in a state that will be critical to the President’s re-election bid in 2012, the White House announced in early March that the President would visit the Space Coast to hold a town hall summit conference to talk about his vision for NASA.

The only problem is, here we are three weeks later and no details what-so-ever have emerged about the President’s event, which is a mere 2 weeks out. And when we write “no details what-so-ever”, we mean no notice to Florida Space Coast Congressional Representatives, to Florida office-holders, to local Brevard County officials, to anyone, really, who is going to have to deal with the fall-out of any reconfiguring of NASA’s human space flight program.

In an attempt at priming the engine of information, Congressman Bill Posey (FL-15) wrote the President yesterday to enquire about the President’s upcoming trip and remind him of his past statements of strong support for NASA’s human space program.

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