Obama’s Inspiring Speech

AmericaSpace Note: We are pleased to welcome this guest post by Jim.

Well, that was about as exciting as canned rutabagas. He saved the “OUREEEON” hull and paid-off Nelson with a mere $40 million initiative. Hell, $40 million won’t pay the costs for a new WAL-MART SUPERCENTER in Titusville.

I am not surprised that Obama staffers were able to find 200 well-screened supporters from Central Florida to provide the applause track. They were probably migrant orange pickers. He also had Rent-A-Buzz tag along with him. Buzz is in the running for the Benedict Arnold of Apollo Heroes award. He is the only nominee.

Obama also managed to blame Bush for the Space Coast job loss situation that Obamanautics is aggravating.

This speech did not change anything. People still overwhelmingly oppose the Obama scheme. He still has powerful members of the the Obedia (media) solidly behind him, so it is an uphill fight to stop this attempt to disable a federal program that more than pays for itself.

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