Rocketdyne’s President Speaks Up

Rocketdyne.pngNASA Must Initiate Transition Plan for Heavy Lift Maser Says

“We don’t want to see any Constellation contracts canceled until we have a transition plan and can transition the skill set. We think the worst thing for the industry would be if all these contracts were canceled and then there was a pause of 12 to 18 months while [NASA] considered what to do next. It would not only be devastating to us, it would be devastating to the industry in terms of the impact on the work force and the ability to try to rebuild that once it was gone.” Jim Maser, President, Rocketdyne

AmericaSpace Note: We completely agree with Rocketdyne President Maser’s statement and hope that Rocketdyne will re-energize its efforts, along with those of ATK, Boeing, Lockheed Martin and others, to preserve Constellation rather than abandoning it for yet another technology development program, like the Space Launch Initiative.

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