FY2010 Supplemental Keeps Constellation Language

We just noticed this on SpacePolicyOnline.com. Congress Sends FY2010 Supplemental to the President, Constellation Language Included

Just a bit of more bad news for those hoping that Congress might not derail the Obama Administration’s proposed outsourcing of NASA’s human space flight program.

Congress passed the FY2010 supplemental appropriations bill (H.R. 4899) and sent it to the President yesterday. As passed, the bill, which is the same as that which passed the Senate on May 27, includes the Senate-added language that reinforces direction in the FY2010 Consolidated Appropriations Act that NASA must continue to fund the Constellation program until directed to do otherwise in a subsequent appropriations act.    The new language states that funds that were provided by Congress for Constellation in FY2010 and prior years remain available to be spent on Constellation, and Constellation contracts ‘may not be terminated  for convenience’ by NASA in FY2010.

Change is coming.

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