A Case for the Lunar Space-Based Economy

Dr. Paul Spudis, author of the blog The Once and Future Moon, has once again written a very insightful essay titled “The Moon: Creating Capability in Space and Getting Value for our Money“, which discusses the factors contributing to high launch costs and how a continuation of lunar development is a logical step toward curbing those costs.

“The development of the Moon creates an extensible, flexible transportation system that opens up the new frontier for many possibilities. Acquiring this essential space faring skill requires investment and commitment, with the full understanding of what will be achieved by this paradigm shift – the beginnings of a new space-based economy. What price tag would you put on that?”

“Building and launching space vehicles is expensive but the reasons why might surprise you. It’s not the equipment or even the infrastructure that drives up costs…”

Credit: 新しい カジノ

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