Opinion: Spam, Insults and Immaturity – Debating Space Policy Hits New Low

It appears that, in their desperation, those that support the new space agenda will stoop to new lows to silence critics. Photo Credit: White House

An Op-Ed posted on AmericaSpace concerning views about the Obama administration’s dramatic change in direction for America’s space program came under attack recently. However, rather than counter with a sound debate the person making the comments chose to insult, make assumptions and attack the author. “Melbourne Mel” stated that I should stop “whining” about being laid off, grow a “pair” and get a job. Few problems there – I wasn’t laid off with the thousands of others affected by President Obama’s bad decisions, I have not one but two jobs and my manhood is firmly in place – and that’s the problem.

Being an adult requires that you act with maturity and grace. Despite how passionate I am about the subject of manned space flight I would never stoop to the level that they did. I would debate them regarding the facts – not try to attack someone I do not know. They cannot do this – the facts are unquestionable (especially when links and video display the president’s actions for all to see). So instead? They choose to call names. This goes far beyond our small website.

CNN’s Joy Behar referred to Sharon Angle, Harry Reid’s opponent in the upcoming elections as a ‘b*tch.’ Angle, rather than stooping to Behar’s level, sent Behar flowers, which of course sent the immature Behar into yet another expletive-laden rant. California candidate Meg Whitman was referred to as a ‘wh*re’ by her opponent and lest we forget our ever-gaffe-ready Vice President called a frozen yogurt dealer a ‘smartass.’ Seriously? Why do we even consider listening to people that obviously are completely without any class? Is this who we want to represent us? To speak for us?

Whenever an article appears on AmericaSpace that concerns either space policy or the current NASA administration – it is instantly assaulted by spam attacks. What this says is those that support the change in NASA’s direction cannot emotionally deal with someone who has the audacity to disagree with them, the nerve to point out the flaws in their grand design. So they try to drown out the message. Really? Is this how the party of ‘Hope and Change’ handles civil discourse? If so, I think the segment of the American public that enjoys a civil, mature debate on the issues, those of us that want our nation to be defined by dignity and class – should work toward real change and let these folks know that we have tolerated their failed policies and immature antics long enough.


  1. There is an audacity to the president’s space policy supporters that can’t understand or tolerate debate. They attack detractors with ostracism and non-relevant personal insults. They seldom defend their proposals with any technical logic.

    Much has been lost and many good, hard-working people have already been forced out or moved on.

    Keep the faith and things will change…

  2. Jason, you’re absolutely correct. It’s quite funny in a way though… there is a only a small portion of the internet society that are this way. Many want to try and show that they have an adult nature but in the end they are not. Many are not afraid to show it however, in the end, the sophomoric rants these people throw ultimately go unheard, just for that reason. They are sophomoric.

  3. I have posted opinions on other sites and received ridiculous and insulting comments in return (Florida Today and Orlando Sentinel posts are full comments by some nuts named g.h.o.s.t. and Elefritz) I am just thankful they haven’t appeared on this site yet. Thank you for continuing to make this a relevant site with real and constructive discussions on space policy and activity.

  4. Melbourne Mel can see a laid off worker’s view of Obama’s lying and cowardliness at http://www.rv-103.com/?p=457

    Elections have consequences and it’s time folks face that. KSC is losing over 10,000 jobs because of the election of Obama. At least KSC people are now starting to participate in the political process in more ways than voting because of this as evidenced in Congresswoman Suzanne Kosmas probable loss this upcoming Tuesday due to her support for Obama.

    See http://www.rv-103.com/?p=1000

    Well written post Jason and well done.

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