Bolden’s Message to NASA Marines on the 235th Birthday of the Corps


Today, November 10, 2010, Marines and their families around the world pause to reflect on the storied 235 year history of the United States Marine Corps.  The history of our Corps is replete with sagas of valor and courage, and we who are Marines feel a tremendous sense of pride in knowing that we have played a part in the tremendous legacy of our Corps.

As the senior Marine here at NASA, I want to thank all of you for your service sacrifices – past and present – to our Corps, Country, and to NASA.  We know so well that our Core Values of HONOR, COURAGE, AND COMMITMENT are more than merely words.  They are the foundation of the ethos that is emblazoned on our hearts and souls.

As you celebrate today, know that we live as part of the long line of Marines who have served this nation so well since the founding of our Corps and we will continue to serve as we do all in our power here at NASA to preserve our position as the preeminent space agency in the world.

Semper Fidelis!

Charlie B.

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