Florida Star Network Launched To Foster Unified Effort For Growth


Florida State, Local Organizations Join Forces On Behalf Of Aerospace Industry To Launch Florida Star Network To Foster Unified Effort For Growth

FloridaSTARNet.org Goes Live to Provide Channel for Information- and Resource-Sharing For Business, Workforce and Community at Large

(KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. – November 16, 2010) – Florida’s Space Transition and Revitalization Network launched its online information hub today. Representing the formal coming together of the aerospace industry, including economic development, workforce and related sector leaders, Florida STARnet provides a single, open online repository for information from all aerospace companies, partners and stakeholders.

Via the online channel, www.floridastarnet.org and a range of collaborative communication and promotional endeavors, Florida STARnet is designed to promote cooperation and information exchange in support of the region’s active and aggressive efforts to transcend the state’s aerospace industry into new and dynamic areas for growth.

Dozens of public and private groups are working aggressively to capitalize on the legacy and assets of Florida’s aerospace industry in order to create new business and job opportunities for the future. With all of the state, local and regional industry transition efforts underway, Brevard Workforce and Space Florida assembled Florida STARnet as a mechanism to bring together diverse local, regional and state organizations that are hard at work in the transition of Florida’s aerospace economy.

Another major goal of the collaboration is to provide stakeholders with a centralized information source for quick, easy and direct access to up-to-date information via www.floridastarnet.org and Twitter platform, @floridastarnet. Together, these platforms provide interested parties, including businesses, state and federal agencies; local and regional economic development organizations; and the public with accurate information, news, milestones and various resources. For example, the site offers shared data and news from various entities; a comprehensive list of public and private sector resources and their site links; unique pages for businesses and workers, an events calendar, and media resources.

“The state has a strong, cross agency, cross government motivation to ensure we maximize aerospace transition for the people of Florida,” said Frank DiBello, president of Space Florida. “Florida STARnet ensures the community of organizations are connected and informed, and the public has access to the information available across the spectrum of support organizations.”

Lisa Rice, president of Brevard Workforce and a founding proponent of building the responsive advantages the collaboration will provide, is also enthusiastic. “To know that the responding organizations are coordinated demonstrates to the workforce in particular, that Florida is taking an aggressive, comprehensive approach to building a sustainable aerospace sector and all of the direct and indirect jobs it creates,” Rice explained. Brevard Workforce developed the original concept for the FloridaSTARnet program, with input from Space Florida, the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast, and support from those within the state’s aerospace-related public and private sectors.

“During this time of transition in the aerospace community, communication and information sharing is of critical importance, not only to our workforce, but to businesses and residents throughout the region,” said Mark Nappi, Florida Site Executive for United Space Alliance, NASA’s prime Space Shuttle contractor. He added, “FloridaSTARnet will give our aerospace workers another tool for navigating through these uncertain times.”

By creating this network and a reliable information channel that brings related constituencies together, Florida STARnet demonstrates the state’s priority to manage and leverage resources for the good of Florida, its businesses and residents with a stake in the aerospace economy.

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